Don’t get skewered when you speak at a conference

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image At the recent Where 2.0 Conference, several speakers were completely skewered during their presentations by attendees using Twitter and an IRC back channel.  This phenomena is not limited to the Where 2.0 Conference…it’s happening everyday at conferences around the world.  And, it’s in the public domain…everyone can see how bad you are!  So, how do you avoid the pain of being completely bashed by your audience while you’re speaking?  Hint #1: Don’t suck.  Hint #2: Check out a great post by Rohit Bhargava over at Influential Marketing called “How to Speak at a Conference Without Getting Skewered on Twitter“.  And, I’d be neglecting my duties if I didn’t plead with you for the 100th time to pick up a copy of Garr Reynolds‘ “Presentation Zen“…read it, learn it, live it.

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