Ideas without action are called dreams

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Did you have some great ideas in 2010? What became of them?  Did you act on them and create something…or are they still just great ideas?

Here are some thoughts about ideas:

  1. Ideas without action are called dreams.
  2. Ideas are worth exactly $0.00 unless someone brings them to life.
  3. Most people don’t care about your ideas (they have plenty of their own).
  4. VC’s don’t throw cash at ideas.
  5. When people have good ideas, they keep them inside for fear of someone else stealing them.

Now, I’m not suggesting that ideas are bad (although some probably are). They’re also not completely worthless. But ideas require action to become reality. So in 2011, consider this:

  1. Generate lots of different ideas.
  2. Share your ideas with others and let them help you grow your idea into something even better.
  3. When you arrive at your great idea, act on it, execute and see what happens.
  4. Be persistent. Give your ideas a chance before you pivot to the next thing. You thought it was great idea for a reason.
  5. If for some reason your ideas don’t pan out, learn from them, move on, and try another idea.
  6. Keep coming up with new ideas to try.
  7. Don’t take action without ideas.

Thanks to Natalie Dee for the image.

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  2. Tony Boyajian said,

    I really like your second point about sharing ideas with others. I’m a huge fan of this! My experience has always been that if I have a conversation about an idea with a friend we will almost always end up with an even better idea in the end – this is an awesome thing!
    … This post has inspired me to make it a goal to act on some of my ideas. 2011 sounds like a good year to make this happen!

  3. Joe Omansky said,

    Nice post!
    Ideas are awesome!
    However, an idea is a lonely seed.  If it’s not cultivated with openness: others’ ideas, influences and perspectives, it typically will die.

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