The Pause that Refreshes

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I’m a super passionate person about my work. I love to be 100% engaged in everything I do. But to be honest, I get bored easily.  Sometimes it’ll be some small thing that I get bored with during the day. Sometimes, I’ll get bored with something more significant in my life.  Either way, my boredom with whatever it is that’s boring me acts as a wake up call.  It let’s me know I’m moving or thinking in the wrong direction. It makes me pause to consider how I can reframe something to be more exciting, more interesting, more innovative.  In fact, when I’m really attuned to my boredom, I use it as a pause to refresh my viewpoints. So, in a strange way, getting bored can be kind of a good thing for me.


Are you bringing your true self to work with you?

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I overheard a conversation last week in which someone said “Today’s corporate culture has no heartbeat…no soul.” And to a certain extent I agree.  There may be a good reason why it seems like corporate cultures lack a soul.  Ever since I started my career back in the early 90′s the mantra was “It’s not personal, it’s just business”. That mantra has extended itself into who we are when we come to work.  For some reason or other, it’s become the norm to check our personalities, our passions, our emotions at the door.


8 Ways to Become More Mindful at Work

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Take a minute to think about your workday. Actually, forget the work “day” and just focus on this present moment.  How do you feel? Excited, depressed, happy, anxious, stressed? What is true about this very moment for you? Don’t judge anything, just be in touch with and aware of the present moment.  Are you there now? And where exactly are you? If you’re clearing your mind of the past and the future, the place you are at now is a state that is often referred to as mindfulness.  It’s a calming place. A place that offers quiet serenity.


What it really takes to innovate

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Here’s a quiz for you. Which of these two teams succeeded in making history and being extremely innovative in the process?

The A Team
Budget: $2,000,000 in grant money.*
Project Manager: A world renowned scientist and Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute.
Team members: The best scientists money could buy.
Subject matter expertise: Years of scale model experience.
Industry connections: Extremely well connected.
Publicity behind the project: Unprecedented.

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