(RED)WIRE: Great music saves lives

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Today, World AIDS Day, MSN is celebrating the launch of (RED)WIRE, (RED)’s new digital music magazine designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. Some of the greatest artists on earth have contributed amazing songs to (RED)WIRE. To subscribe to (RED)WIRE or to get two issues free visit And to join in the launch party and enjoy (RED)WIRE videos and music visit And remember, it takes just one person at a time to make a difference in this world. Make a difference today!

In addition to being a great cause, the (RED)WIRE site and the main (RED) site have some great design elements to check out.

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  1. Michelle Hopkins said,

    I love that we are so progressive in helping eliminate AIDS in Africa. I have also joined the Starbucks Coffee (RED) campaign. There can never be enough support for this great cause.

  2. Stephanie Hammar said,

    I agree. I like the (RED) concept and execution. It’s catchy, creative, and unique.

  3. Spencer Mahar said,

    An Old co-worker/friend created the (RED) website. And even met Bono! He enjoyed working with the branding that was already in place. What is it about type in parenthesis or brackets that just packs a punch?

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