The Pause that Refreshes

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I’m a super passionate person about my work. I love to be 100% engaged in everything I do. But to be honest, I get bored easily.  Sometimes it’ll be some small thing that I get bored with during the day. Sometimes, I’ll get bored with something more significant in my life.  Either way, my boredom with whatever it is that’s boring me acts as a wake up call.  It let’s me know I’m moving or thinking in the wrong direction. It makes me pause to consider how I can reframe something to be more exciting, more interesting, more innovative.  In fact, when I’m really attuned to my boredom, I use it as a pause to refresh my viewpoints. So, in a strange way, getting bored can be kind of a good thing for me.

So, when you feel bored with what you’re doing, what do you do? Do you ignore the boredom and push on in an uninspired way? Do you let your mind wander to other distractions? Or do you use it as a signal that an opportunity to think about something in a different way is just around the corner? The next time your feeling bored, try to take it as a sign to take that pause that refreshes.

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  1. YaayNay said,

    this was wonderfully worded. it is so true, when we hit those dull patches it happens for a reason, and the red flags are flying, but most are accustomed to having glazed over eyes and ignoring it, continuing down the uninspired and unproductive path ahead. we have all been guilty of this, but this is great insight!

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